A monthly retainer to create huge amounts of content


SkilledUp curates online courses for individuals and businesses. Their "Learning Hub" contains articles about the curated courses and articles on related subjects such as careers, experts on skills, and online education. However, with such a wide audience seeking information on video courses, SkilledUp had no video content itself.

SkilledUp was looking for a video provider to help them create a sales course for their email marketing campaign. They also wanted to develop a regular video series. They had a wide set of parameters but most importantly they wanted to produce multiple videos weekly, utilize the subject matter experts they had access too, and produce the content in office.

We met with some of the key stake holders from the company from multiple departments to listen to what their goals were. We produced a six-part sales series which provided information on how to succeed in online classes. Based on the success of that project they hired Vibrant Motion on a monthly retainer for four months to fully concept and produce three weekly video series. We scoured all of their content and material to create recurring content that we could easily plan out weeks in advance and bulk shoot to produce regular, high-caliber videos that could live across multiple platforms.

The end result was 16 weeks and over 50 videos across a wide swath of topics including an outtakes reel at the end of every month to showcase the personality of the company. The videos were hosted on their own website as well as YouTube and provided valuable information to career climbers. The project helped give exposure to their contributors as well as fill a gap in the online education market.

“Working with Vibrant Motion over the past 10 months, I’ve seen them handle every aspect of video production with grace and ease. I cannot recommend Vibrant Motion more highly for any video project!”
— Kat, SkilledUp