Why You Need This

“After adopting eLearning, Ernst and Young reduced its costs by 35% and reduced its training time by about 52%.

Training will only get harder

The larger your client success team becomes, the harder it is to make sure everybody has the same baseline knowledge.

Creating a video training allows you to be targeted and extremely specific with your resources.

No matter the size of your client or the value of their contract with you, you need to be able to deliver them dedicated training services. Doing that with a new person for each client is outrageously expensive and not feasible. Doing it with video is extremely cost effective.

The days of pushing out a new feature and hoping clients understand it's value are over.

You must:

  • Tell your client what is coming.

  • Tell them why it's important.

  • Demonstrate how the feature works.

This is the only way clients will be likely to continue to use the feature deep into the future.

Which means they will become loyal fans of your software and renew their contract when the time comes.

Clients typically only do what they know how to do and what is easiest.

Change that by requiring your clients to complete a video course before they can get their software login.

Completion and adoption will be much higher.

And adoption is key.

You have a 30-60 day window to make an impact. Your attention span as a customer after that goes down dramatically.

If the client adopts your software then they are more likely to stick.

And more likely to return.

And more likely to refer you.

The Solution

With a training program you can entirely change how your team operates. You'll be able to:

  • Require that clients watch training videos prior to getting a login which will increase completion and adoption.

  • Know which of your clients are actually watching your videos.

  • Understand who is at risk and what to do about it.

  • Start automating the way you hold your clients accountable.

Your customer experience is going to differentiate you more than your product. And if the quality of your training videos doesn't match the caliber of your product, you are letting your clients down.

A voiceover video or a simple screenshare isn't enough.

You need to replicate the experience and attention the client would receive from an in person training.

That means putting somebody on camera who can communicate that message to your audience in a way that they will remember it.

Education + Results = Retention

Don’t spend time asking your clients if they’ve read your documents, if they understand the software, of if they have time for a meeting.

Put a video training in front of your client and you will know when they’ve completed it.

Then your team can focus more time on increasing the caliber and length of their relationship with you.