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Overall, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles.
— Forrester Research

Custom Pricing

There are several different ways that you can start to build out your video training library. While pricing is custom to each client, we build a fixed price package for you so you don't have to worry about surprise or hidden costs.

One Time Project - Starting at $15K

Ideal for smaller SaaS companies that do limited releases and update their platform infrequently.

  • Meetings
    • One in person kick off
    • Two virtual content review meetings
  • Filming
    • One day - 8 Hours
      • 4 Hours on camera
      • 4 Hour software screen capture
  • Finished Videos
    • One week of editing
    • Up to 30 minutes of completed videos (roughly 10 three minute videos)


3 - 9 Month Contract - Starting at $14K per month

Ideal for small to midsize SaaS companies that are just starting to build out their training library and are increasing the pace at which they grow.

  • A fixed amount of prep days useable through the course of the contract

  • A fixed amount of filming days useable through the course of the contract

  • A fixed amount of editing weeks useable through the course of the contract

  • Between 90 and 540 minutes of completed videos per month


Enterprise License - Call us to discuss

Ideal for mid to large SaaS companies that have a frequent release schedule and a wealth of training and update videos they need to create on a flexible timeline. Reach out for a free consultation to get a quote.

If you have a a quarterly or non-specific release schedule we can also work with you to build out a contract that guarantees the services you need on your timeline.

No matter what package you choose, we then hold on to your project files for one full year after the completion of your project for any updates.

Updates done during the course of your contract are included with your contract price.

Updates done after your contract can be purchased a la carte or as a package of updates.

Other providers will do one and done leaving you without an option for updates when your software inevetibly changes. That’s not sustainable.

We will set you up for success from the beginning.