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Does this sound like your company?

  • Your customer success team recreates the same boring slideshows to answer the same training and onboarding questions asked by every new client.

  • You try to solve training problems with headcount (your number one cost).

  • You push out a new feature to clients and hope they understand its value.

If so, then you have a problem!

Renewals are make or break in the first 30 days. Clients that successfully complete training will adopt at a higher rate and be less of a drain on your client success team.

Stop throwing people at the problem. Your trainers can only train so many clients in a day.

FAQs, decks and webinars are labor intensive, ineffective and don't lower the ongoing maintenance of a client.

Vibrant Motion can help

We create fantastic on-camera instructor led SaaS training videos by bringing the video production to you.

  • We facilitate the entire video production process; that means content creation, screen capture, and creative so you can focus on what your company does best.

  • We free up your team's time and energy so you don't have to hire people every time you sign a new client.

  • We help contextualize your releases for your clients so they understand what is coming, why it's important, and how to use it.

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Our Training Experience

A wealth of research has shown that faces are special for our brain. In fact, we have specialized neural circuits in an area of the brain that respond only to faces. We develop a preference for objects, people, faces that we’ve been exposed to repeatedly.
— The Journal of Neurophysiology

We started as software trainers

Vibrant Motion was started by a former training manager of Buddy Media and

During his time at those companies this training manager performed hundreds of in-person and remote trainings for clients all around the world.

Often times he would do the exact same one-hour training, back to back, eight hours in a row, for eight different clients.

While he loved training, the days often left him exhausted with barely enough time to focus on his other job responsibilities.

As training roles and responsibilities shifted, he watched his colleagues experience the same fatigue he felt.

Instead of maintaining and growing relationships those colleagues were delivering the same info over and over again.

He knew there must be a better way.

Vibrant Motion understands how important it is for your clients to feel comfortable learning and using your software. One of the best ways to do that is by having a person on-camera to walk your clients through the software.

Perhaps you have a training or success team dedicated to this task. Either way, scaling the service you offer to meet the growing needs of your client base is challenging.

After years of software training and years of video production, Vibrant Motion finds itself uniquely positioned to offer a service tremendously lacking across the SaaS market.



How To Save $100,000

Microsoft calculates that over 3 years, its video portal for employee training and knowledge sharing resulted in total costs saved and avoided of about $13.9 million per year. The ROI for the period was estimated at 569%.
— Microsoft

Watch the video to get the scoop!

Take a look at the math

Let's say you have a team of 10 success managers.

And they make (on average) a $70K salary.

Not including lunch or vacation they work 35 hours a week.

50 weeks a year.

That is 1,750 working hours in a year.

$70,000 divided by 1,750 hours = $40.

That means you pay each person $40 an hour

If each person on your team of ten spends one hour a day training their clients that is 50 hours a week.

50 hours X 50 weeks = 2,500 hours.

2,500 hours a year you could spend growing your client relationships. You are basically wasting the efforts of an entire full time person.

2,500 hours X $40 an hour = $100,000.

That means you are spending $100,000 a year minimum doing the same thing over and over again when it could be done with video.

That's a conservative estimate just based off of time spent training.

How much time does your team spend each week scheduling and delivering kickoff calls?

Answering questions that could be handled by sending a simple video link?

If each person spends 2 hours a day doing repetitive work for their clients...

100 hours a week

5,000 hours a year.

$200,000 a year minimum

You would need to hire 3 people to replace that efficiency loss.

What would your team do with an extra 50 hours a week? 100?



SkilledUp Success Story

Working with Vibrant Motion over the past 10 months, I’ve seen them handle every aspect of
video production with grace and ease.
I cannot recommend Vibrant Motion more highly
for any video project!
— Kat, SkilledUp

A Training Program That Scaled

SkilledUp was looking to create a sales course for their email marketing campaign including a sales magnet to help drive email sign ups.

They came to Vibrant Motion and we worked with them to create the structure of the lead magnet, the content it would include, and produced and filmed the entire project.

The project was a success and they returned to Vibrant Motion for a strategy and plan on creating a regular video series.

The end result was 16 weeks and over 50 videos across a wide swath of topics including an outtakes reel at the end of every month to showcase the personality of the company. The project helped give exposure to their contributors as well as fill a gap in the online education market.

If you've heard enough and are curious how we work, reach out to us so we can hear about the challenges of your business and how we might be able to help you.

Or if you want to see other types of projects we've done take a look over here.



Packages & Pricing

Overall, employees are 75 percent more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles.
— Forrester Research

Custom Pricing

There are several different ways that you can start to build out your video training library. While pricing is custom to each client, we build a fixed price package for you so you don't have to worry about surprise or hidden costs.

One Time Project - Starting at $15K

Ideal for smaller SaaS companies that do limited releases and update their platform infrequently.

  • Meetings
    • One in person kick off
    • Two virtual content review meetings
  • Filming
    • One day - 8 Hours
      • 4 Hours on camera
      • 4 Hour software screen capture
  • Finished Videos
    • One week of editing
    • Up to 30 minutes of completed videos (roughly 10 three minute videos)


3 - 9 Month Contract - Starting at $14K per month

Ideal for small to midsize SaaS companies that are just starting to build out their training library and are increasing the pace at which they grow.

  • A fixed amount of prep days useable through the course of the contract

  • A fixed amount of filming days useable through the course of the contract

  • A fixed amount of editing weeks useable through the course of the contract

  • Between 90 and 540 minutes of completed videos per month

Enterprise License - Call us to discuss

Ideal for mid to large SaaS companies that have a frequent release schedule and a wealth of training and update videos they need to create on a flexible timeline. Reach out for a free consultation to get a quote.

If you have a a quarterly or non-specific release schedule we can work with you to build out a contract that guarantees the services you need on your timeline.

No matter what package you choose, we then hold on to your project files for one full year after the completion of your project for any updates.

Updates done during the course of your contract are included with your contract price.

Updates done after your contract can be purchased a la carte or as a package of updates.

Other providers will do one and done leaving you without an option for updates when your software inevetibly changes. That’s not sustainable.

We will set you up for success from the beginning.



Our Process

Percentage of companies using video content for employee training and education: 38.1%.
— Web Video Marketing

How we work

We know different size companies have different needs so we work with you to get your content done in the best way for your company.

We bring effective, SaaS training video production to you.

We start with an in person planning meeting to discuss the needs and scope of your business.

If you aren't sure what you need, we will do a discovery process with your leadership, team and clients to figure out the best fit.

Following that we create beautiful, professional environments on site to film your videos.

We also facilitate the software demo and screen capture to be included in the training video.

By the end of the process you will have

  • A completed script for training videos created in collaboration with Vibrant Motion.

  • Completed, highly polished training videos that include an on camera trainer, annotations and software demonstrations; all easily updatable over time

  • A package of initial training video content and then a regular cadence of updates.

  • Training videos delivered in resonant, short form versions.

This isn't a one size fits all product. It is however, a streamlined and efficient process for maximizing the time and resources of your company that allows you to create compelling training and onboarding video content on an expedited timeline.



Why You Need This

After adopting eLearning, Ernst and Young reduced its costs by 35% and reduced its training time by about 52%.

Training will only get harder

The larger your client success team becomes, the harder it is to make sure everybody has the same baseline knowledge.

Creating a video training allows you to be targeted and extremely specific with your resources.

No matter the size of your client or the value of their contract with you, you need to be able to deliver them dedicated training services. Doing that with a new person for each client is outrageously expensive and not feasible. Doing it with video is extremely cost effective.

The days of pushing out a new feature and hoping clients understand it's value are over.

You must:

  • Tell your client what is coming.

  • Tell them why it's important.

  • Demonstrate how the feature works.

This is the only way clients will be likely to continue to use the feature deep into the future.

Which means they will become loyal fans of your software and renew their contract when the time comes.

Clients typically only do what they know how to do and what is easiest.

Change that by requiring your clients to complete a video course before they can get their software login.

Completion and adoption will be much higher.

And adoption is key.

You have a 30-60 day window to make an impact. Your attention span as a customer after that goes down dramatically.

If the client adopts your software then they are more likely to stick.

And more likely to return.

And more likely to refer you.

The Solution

With a training program you can entirely change how your team operates. You'll be able to:

  • Require that clients watch training videos prior to getting a login which will increase completion and adoption.

  • Know which of your clients are actually watching your videos.

  • Understand who is at risk and what to do about it.

  • Start automating the way you hold your clients accountable.

Your customer experience is going to differentiate you more than your product. And if the quality of your training videos doesn't match the caliber of your product, you are letting your clients down.

A voiceover video or a simple screenshare isn't enough.

You need to replicate the experience and attention the client would receive from an in person training.

That means putting somebody on camera who can communicate that message to your audience in a way that they will remember it.

Education + Results = Retention

Don’t spend time asking your clients if they’ve read your documents, if they understand the software, of if they have time for a meeting.

Put a video training in front of your client and you will know when they’ve completed it.

Then your team can focus more time on increasing the caliber and length of their relationship with you.