A modern take on classic skills


LifeZette, an online magazine, and Georgia Pellegrini, a celebrity chef had partnered on a series of recipe and DIY articles. The articles were targeted towards those not afraid to get their hands dirty and create something on their own.

Georgia Pellegrini approached Vibrant Motion with the idea of creating a video series in the same vein as her posts and that drew on the influence and aesthetic of her book. She was looking for something that would embrace her voice and showcase her wonderful upstate country home.

We met with Georgia Pellegrini and toured the property where she wanted to film. After discussing goals and influences we were able to distill the subject matter into some really approachable and easy to follow recipes. We were able to batch film the videos to maximize time, resources and budget. We were also able to plan far enough ahead to incorporate seasonal content for anticipated spikes in web traffic.

The result was a series of 12 videos that incorporated snack and drink recipes, DIY crafts and decorations. The videos escalated the caliber of content LifeZette had created in the past and reached a wide audience, specifically in their self defined "mom" audience which they had been cultivating. The evergreen videos will continue to be watchable and relevant for years to come.