Helping a boutique brand make an Instagram splash


Curio Collection was looking to create a series of shot videos for Instagram to highlight their “Curiosity Quiz” as well as feature their partnership with Ashlan Gorse Cousteau.

We had only five days from contract signing to the shoot date and would have talent on set for only 2 hours. We built a crew, assembled a storyboard, presented our vision and were ready to roll the second Ashlan sat down in the chair.

We made the most of our time and were able to create a variety of setups that made Ashlan, our client, the agency of record and the social media agency happy. Following the shoot we were able to turn the videos around on a tight timeline for approval.

The client followed up with additional requests to create even shorter versions of the videos as additional content. Because of the way we had structured our questions, interview, and storyboard this was no problem at all and we were able to make the client very happy.