From initial idea to finished product

Initial Conversation

We take our client relationships very seriously. That means we want to take the time to understand why you are making a video in the first place. During our initial discussion we will ask lots of questions and outline a list of your goals for your video including but not limited to what you want it to include and what you hope it will accomplish. We will create a comprehensive list of possible options for your video including locations, topics to be discussed and who should be involved in the actual production process. This also includes any high res company logos, images or other assets. We will then distill that down until we have a concentrated set of goals that will shape the creation of an excellent video.

Scriptwriting & Storyboarding

We take everything we learned during our initial conversation and start to map out the kind of video that will help you best achieve your goals. We put that into an easy to understand format and combine it with other video examples to help you easily understand the kind of video your end product will be. We don’t start pre-production until everyone is clear on our process and happy with the direction we are moving.

We assemble the team and plan out your production. We secure the location, handle the logistics and coordinate all the details with the input from your team. The production size will always vary from shoot to shoot, but we make sure that the same attention that went into our initial meeting goes into our actual day of filming. 

Video Production

Edit, Review & Delivery

Once all the footage has been shot we then take all assets and footage and edit it together into a final watermarked version, which includes music, transitions, and titles. We then pass it along to you and your team for approval and edits. The process is very specific and coordinated so that we are able to utilize all feedback to make a great final version. All video projects include two rounds of revisions. After the final approval is granted, the final HD video will be delivered via online file sharing in the format that will best work for online distribution.