Recruiting help for an Oscar winning animation studio


Blue Sky Studios is an Oscar-winning animation studio based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Their challenge was huge: How do you get the best animators in the world to leave Hollywood and move to a small suburb outside of New York City?

After a successful set of “How To” videos for their Facebook page, Blue Sky returned to Vibrant Motion to create a series of recruiting videos for the LinkedIn page.

The Vibrant Motion team weeks talking with Blue Sky to understand their needs, their goals, and a way to give them what they needed within their budget. Our strategy included a dozen videos covering dozens of questions to paint a broad and compelling picture of the organization.

After the project had begun and shooting was already completed, the scope and the objective changed. However were nimble enough to tweak the final project and double the amount of videos needed using the already established structure and strategy.

The final result was a successful LinkedIn campaign which allowed Blue Sky to set themselves apart from other animation studios and truly demonstrate their identity.