Helping a boutique brand make an Instagram splash


Curio Collection was looking to create a series of shot videos for Instagram to highlight their “Curiosity Quiz” as well as feature their partnership with Ashlan Gorse Cousteau.

We had only five days from contract signing to the shoot date and would have talent on set for only 2 hours. We built a crew, assembled a storyboard, presented our vision and were ready to roll the second Ashlan sat down in the chair.

We made the most of our time and were able to create a variety of setups that made Ashlan, our client, the agency of record and the social media agency happy. Following the shoot we were able to turn the videos around on a tight timeline for approval.

The client followed up with additional requests to create even shorter versions of the videos as additional content. Because of the way we had structured our questions, interview, and storyboard this was no problem at all and we were able to make the client very happy.


Recruiting help for an Oscar winning animation studio


Blue Sky Studios is an Oscar-winning animation studio based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Their challenge was huge: How do you get the best animators in the world to leave Hollywood and move to a small suburb outside of New York City?

After a successful set of “How To” videos for their Facebook page, Blue Sky returned to Vibrant Motion to create a series of recruiting videos for the LinkedIn page.

The Vibrant Motion team weeks talking with Blue Sky to understand their needs, their goals, and a way to give them what they needed within their budget. Our strategy included a dozen videos covering dozens of questions to paint a broad and compelling picture of the organization.

After the project had begun and shooting was already completed, the scope and the objective changed. However were nimble enough to tweak the final project and double the amount of videos needed using the already established structure and strategy.

The final result was a successful LinkedIn campaign which allowed Blue Sky to set themselves apart from other animation studios and truly demonstrate their identity.


A rustic take on the DIY cooking show


A new online publication came to us with an idea for a new kind of online cooking show. They were partnering with Modern Pioneer Georgia Pellegrini and wanted to showcase her unique skillset as well as original voice.

The project quickly turned into a three month journey to create a dozen episodes that featured everything from crafts, to gifts, to cooking and DIY cosmetics.

We bulk shot four episodes per day and released them over the course of a month.


A comprehensive strategy for a global brand


ELS has language centers around the country with students who come from around the world to learn English at one of the most comprehensive and focused programs available. Each center has it's own webpage and a dedicated center video. However, all of the center videos were over five years old.

ELS originally approached Vibrant Motion about filming a pair of videos at their annual convention in Boston. After being delighted with the final products from Vibrant Motion, ELS returned and asked us if we could create a comprehensive strategy and template to create videos for seven of their language centers around the country.

The Vibrant Motion team spent an entire day at ELS headquarters to understand the scope of the project and what would be needed to insure its success. After a focused session, we created a document that outlined the goals for the project as well as a specific action plan on how to achieve them. We also created a template that would allow different video vendors around the country to create the same caliber final project.

We were then contracted to film the seven center videos over seven weeks. The final products were delivered quicker than the timeline had planned for. ELS was so pleased with the final results they asked Vibrant Motion to film an additional 15 centers the following year as well as a video commemorating their 55th Anniversary.  We just finished the fourth year of the client engagement and have filmed over 50 videos for ELS

“Initially we started working on one project that has morphed into several which now is a year long commitment of a number of videos that capture not just the situation and the location but the heart and soul of all of our centers around the country.”

— John, ELS Language Services