A video partner to make your teams more efficient


Are you tired of answering the same client questions over and over again?

Are you tired of giving the same basic training day after day?

As a former training manager of Salesforce.com I understand how important it is for your clients to feel comfortable with your software. Perhaps you have a training team dedicated to this task, or maybe your success managers handle it. Either way, it can be challenging to scale the service you offer to meet the needs of your growing client base.

What if you could take the knowledge of your most valued employees and make it available to all of your clients whenever they wanted? What if instead of spending all of their time on the phone or in email answering questions, your employees could spend their time truly servicing your clients and further improving those relationships?

Would that be of value to you?

A comprehensive video training program put together with a proven provider can make that all possible. We can help you create video repositories of FAQs that can be easily sent to clients. We'll work with you to distill the most essential knowledge of your training team and create an easy to digest video course that will make your clients more self-sufficient and your teams more efficient.

With video we can help your clients understand the updates that are coming to your software, why those updates are important, and how to utilize them so they ACTUALLY understand them.

We understand that you have limited bandwidth and sometimes it can feel like you are building the car while you are driving it. So why not engage a partner like Vibrant Motion with deep experience in software training to free up countless hours in your week.

Looking for an example? Take a look at some of the work we did for SkilledUp.

SkilledUp was looking to create a sales course for their email marketing campaign including a sales magnet to help drive email sign ups.

They came to Vibrant Motion and we worked with them to create the structure of the lead magnet, the content it would include, and finally produced and filmed the entire project.

The project was a success and they returned to Vibrant Motion for a strategy and plan on creating a regular video series.

The end result was 16 weeks and over 50 videos across a wide swath of topics including an outtakes reel at the end of every month to showcase the personality of the company. The project helped give exposure to their contributors as well as fill a gap in the online education market.

“Working with Vibrant Motion over the past 10 months, I’ve seen them handle every aspect of video production with grace and ease. I cannot recommend Vibrant Motion more highly for any video project!”
— Kat, SkilledUp

If you've heard enough and are curious how we work, reach out to us so we can hear about the challenges of your business and how we might be able to help you.

Or if you want to see other types of projects we've done take a look over here.